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Come see our new office!
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Come see our new office!
We take same day appointments

About Dr. Price


Doctor Price trained as a pediatrician at the University of Arizona, and did his residency there as well. He is a complete Wildcat, having done undergraduate and graduate studies there too. He is board certified, and has over twenty years’ experience as a pediatrician in the Tucson area. Dr. Price feels strongly about giving back to his community. He has taught medical students, residents and nurse practitioner students continuously since starting practice, and has volunteered at schools as well. He has focused his practice on nutrition, exercise and obesity prevention. He is joining Dr. Dyson in his new office on Craycroft near Grant.

Doctor Price was born into a military family in New England and spent his childhood moving from coast to coast, living in a dozen cities, in almost two dozen houses. His two sons, Cameron and Colin, were born at TMC and are both grown and pursuing careers in medicine. He married his wife Leeanna, a native Tucson girl, in 2010 and has two stepsons, Michael and Jonathan, the oldest a forester, and the youngest in wine sales.

Doctor Price and his wife Leanna love to travel, hike and bike. They have traveled to Hawaii, the Pacific states, and to some cool places in Europe. Leeanna is a wound care nurse, and is involved in bringing oriental medical practices into American nursing strategies. She is especially interested in meditation and yoga. Doctor Price is trained as a composter, but can also get a green garden to grow too, and goes to his niece’s kindergarten class to teach a few times each year.

Dr. Price has a knack for languages, and speaks fluent Spanish. He knows a fair amount of other languages, including some French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Russian, Japanese and Greek. He loves science, particularly astronomy and physics. His graduate work was in human physiology and biochemistry. He has focused on childhood obesity as a pediatrician, and tries to give nutritional advice at every well visit. He is also science fiction geek.