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Come see our new office!
We take same day appointments
Come see our new office!
We take same day appointments


“We love Dr. Dyson, he has been in the care of my children for close to 10 years. We have moved from the Tucson area and we still travel to see him. He is a very caring doctor and always working on the best interest for his patients. I always recommend him when I can.”

“Dr. Dyson is very professional and is a great pediatrician.”

“We just love Doctor Price. We followed him here and will follow him where he goes!!!!!!”

“Went in for my sons first visit and doctor price gave me more info in the first visit that his old doctor did in a entire year! Super friendly staff so far so good!”

“It was the best decision i have made to move to dyson pediatrics. Everyone is amazing and friendly. Best doctors i could ask for my kids. Thankyou!”

“Dyson has taken great care of my son, his staff and colleagues are all top notch as well.”

“My children have always received excellent care from other Dr. Dyson and Dr. Price. I always recommend this practice when someone is looking for a great pediatrician. The office and nursing staff are also wonderful.”

“I absolutely love Dr. Dyson and Dr. Price and their staff”

“Thank you so much for seeing us the same day we call when we have an emergency. Give me so much peace of mind.”

“Really happy we switched to Dr. Dyson from our previous pediatrician. We had the same one for about 8 years and my kids never warmed up to her. Within ten minutes of their first appointment my kids were totally fine with Dr. Dyson, laughing, talking, etc. Perfect fit for our family.”

“We love Dr. Dyson and staff. We have recommended and referred several friends who agree he is an amazing caring Doctor. I appreciate how he explains things to my husband and I, educates us and allows us to make the decision right for our son. He always tells me what I can expect in coming months and when I have questions always makes time both in the office and on the phone to answer them. We love that our son is so well cared for by Dr. Dyson and staff and will continue to highly recommend him to our friends.”

“I drive over 75 miles for my appointments. I am extremely pleased with the office staff and Dr. Dyson. I know there are closer doctors but when you get a good one you will travel long distances because they are worth it. Thank you for all you do.”

“Since I’ve taken my children to Dr. Dyson, he has given them the utmost care. He has the greatest bed side manners and shows that he really cares for my children. Dr. Dyson is the best pediatrician I’ve came into contact with and I am so happy my friend recommended him to me.”

“Thank you Dr. Dyson for always being amazing. You are always easy to approach with my questions and always knowledgeable. I feel 100% confident in your skills and abilities. When there is an issue with my children that requires extra attention, you know just what to do- who to refer them to, what info to give me, etc. Your reaction is always calm and never makes me feel uneasy. Thank you for always calling after shots and checking on the kiddos too! You are the best and I recommend you to all of my friends!”

“I appreciate that Dr. Dyson always does a complete head to toe physical assessment on my son. My son had been to 3 other physicians before Dr. Dyson, and being a nurse I can tell you for a fact that Dr. Dyson was the very first doctor to ever do a complete exam on my son. Beyond that I love that he doesn’t just address physical issues, he talks to my son about school and choosing the right friends, etc. We have never waited even 5 mins to see him. His office is clean and his staff is helpful and kind. Dr. Dyson has truly been a blessing and I am so glad I didn’t settle for a sub-standard physician!!!”

“This guy is awesome! He is 200% professional and knows what he is talking about. He always greets us on a personal level. Wait time? What’s that? Nice! Picking up prestigious or getting something in writing, no problem. They are always helpful. I know he has many patients but he treats us as if we are the only ones. Great physician, great guy!”

“My name is Jessica Lowe, I am a tutor and teacher in Colorado, and I just wanted to thank you for the helpful games and other educational resources on your page, http://www.dysonpediatrics.com/links-for-fun/ . I have been trying to compile a list of great games and learning tools for my students, and I thought your page was really excellent. I am trying to get them to use their time on the internet more constructively and learn something while having fun.

During class yesterday, I had the kids do some searching to find games and guides online to activities that they thought would be helpful and educational. One of my students, Ali, found this article, https://www.vodien.com/blog/technology/online-games-and-activities-for-kids.php that had a really nice list of games and resources as well as some safety related things to keep in mind when monitoring online activity for students and kids. I thought it was a really great article and wanted to share it with you so you could add it to your page, for others to hopefully benefit from.

Thanks again for the great resources, it really helped my class and students! If you are able to add the article Ali found, I would love to show her and the class that she was able to share some resources and beneficial information. Have a great day and look forward to speaking to you soon.”