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Physical Exams

Routine physical examinations are one of the most effective ways to detect developing issues before any serious complications may arise. For pediatric patients, it is especially important to have annual checkups to ensure your child is developing properly and not suffering from any health issues. In just the first decade of their lives, children experience rapid growth, forcing multiple systems to grow and develop, while maintaining a healthy and active body. With growing organs, hormonal developments, behavioral changes and adaptations, it is critical that children have an annual exam so any abnormalities can be detected immediately. Indeed, early detection is often the best prevention. Call our office to set up an appointment for your child today.

Annual checkups are non-invasive and involve minimal discomfort. Our staff is warm and friendly, and we strive to make sure each of our patients feels safe and comfortable. Standard procedures include a general discussion about the child’s health and any unusual changes, followed by a measurement of basic vital signs. To increase comfort, small children may be held by their parents during the exam. Temperature, respiratory rate, blood pressure, heart rate, height, and weight are all standard indicators of growth and proper bodily function. Our doctors will also perform some simple cognitive tests to ensure that your child’s mental development is progressing normally.

Most examinations follow a top-down approach, with each area of the body being examined for any abnormalities or deficiencies. If you are aware of anything that may be bothering your child, be sure to tell Dr. Dyson. He will be able to alleviate your worries or treat any potential problems early on. Reflexes, strength, muscle movements, and a variety of other voluntary activities may also be tested to ensure proper motor coordination and nerve development. These simple tests are valuable indicators of a variety of degenerative and developmental conditions.

Physical exams are usually performed quite quickly, and most exams are completed without uncovering anything out of the ordinary; however, these simple and cost-effective exams can save you and your child much unnecessary stress in the future. One simple appointment a year can make a world of difference to your child’s health.

Our friendly and warm staff makes our practice a place that many children look forward to visiting. Please contact us if you have any additional questions or concerns.