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Doctor for Newborns / Babies

The health of your newborn is important to you and it is important to us. Because your baby is unable to verbally communicate if something is wrong, it is essential to pay extra attention to tell whether something may require medical attention. Dr. Duane Dyson, certified pediatrician in Tucson, AZ, is beloved by the members of his community and has been entrusted with the care of Tucson’s newborns since the inception of Dyson Pediatrics.

Knowing when to call the doctor for your newborn can be tricky, but the health and safety of your child is always of the utmost importance. The bodies of babies are not yet equipped with the ability to fight off illness as ably as adults. If your newborn’s temperature rises above 100.4oF, call the doctor immediately, as this can be very dangerous for a newborn with an underdeveloped immune system. If your baby seems to have trouble feeding, is sleeping much more than usual, or is noticeably listless, this could also be a sign of infection and you should contact a pediatrician. Diarrhea and vomiting can also point toward a gastrointestinal problem, and medical attention should be sought to prevent any complications. Be sure to have any relevant information regarding your child ready, including age, any active medications, medical conditions, and his or her temperature.

When choosing a pediatrician for your newborn, it is important to assess not only the skills and training of the physician, but his and her personality and motivation for practicing medicine. Along with his extensive medical training, Dr. Dyson is an active contributor to the community, and is well liked by his patients. His warm and inviting office and staff makes every visit something to look forward to.

Dr. Dyson received his undergraduate degree from UC Berkeley and his MD from the Morehouse School of Medicine. He has had extensive experience in dealing with a wide variety of pediatric conditions, ranging from neurological, pulmonary, cardiovascular, and gastrointestinal. His passion for medicine and care for his young patients makes him an exceptional doctor to choose for your newborn.

Dr. Dyson provides careful attention to all his patients and ensures that parents know exactly the condition of their children and all possible treatment options. There is no substitute for the health and safety of your child, and with Dr. Dyson, all decisions are guided by both compassion and pragmatism. For an outstanding newborn doctor in Tucson, visit Dr. Dyson at Dyson Pediatrics. He is patient and you can feel free to ask him any question on your mind until you feel completely comfortable. Call (520) 202-3488 to make an appointment.